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  • Air Pump (Not Submersible)
  • 12 Tap Air Manifold
  • Manifold Hose Connector
  • Winter safe airline tubing
  • 2 Spring Clamps
  • Multiple Air Stones (2 in)
  • 1 Check Valve for every Air Stone
  • 32ft 8in Power Cord
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Air System for the Nexus and Eazy Pond Filters
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Laguna Air Kit 75Air Volume: 18.5 GPM (70 LPM)
Max. Operating Depth: 11.5’ (3.5 m)
Max. Output :1110 GPH (4200 LPH)
Max. Pressure: 5.37 psi
Pump Rating: 50wPump Rating: 50w
Air Outlets: 12
Air Tube Length: 16'4" (5m)
Air Tube Diameter: 0.16" (4 mm)
Air Stone Size: 2" (5 cm) x 2" (5 cm) H
Power Cord Length: 32'8" (10 m)
Noise Level: 60dB @ 12” (30cm)
For Ponds up to: 7000 U.S. gal (26500 L)


Hakko Air Pumps are

well-known for reliability

and whisper-quiet operation. 



5" Round Accepts airline tubing aprox. 3/8 " ID Tubing

Manifolds Accepts 3/4" Black Vynl Hose


6 Valves 29.00


12 Valves 39.00



Diffuser Tubing 5/8" out side diameter/1/2" inside Diameter for 1/2" Plumbing can be adjusted to any size with adapters. Not Self Weighted. You have to weight it down.

24' - 5/8"
500' - 58"



* Premium cast aluminum floating de-icer converts in under 30 seconds to a SUBMERGIBLE de-icer.


* Uses 20% less power than 1500 watts de-icers. Thermostatically controlled

* Turns on at 35 degrees off at 45 degrees

* 3 Year Maufacturers Warranty

Versatile Design Converts in Under 30 Seconds!

1. Twist off loating top.

2. Remove legs from inside floating top.

3. Insert legs into base and place at bottom of tank.

FARH418C Convert-Able De-Icer [Floating or Sinking] $59.00


Energy efficent, 200 watts.

Low profile design [only 1-3/4" Tall

Minimizes wind resistance.

Floats on pond surface.

Thermostatically-controlled to operate only whn necessary.

Field-tested in a 1500 Gallon pond in Sub-zero temperatures.

One Year Warranty..10Ft. Cord.

Heated Pond Saucer DeIcer

Pond & Garden Protector provides year round protection from predators. Domed design covers tall plants without causing damage and keeps falling leaves off the netting for easy clean-up. Allows for sunlight and optimum plant ventilation. Helps prevent algae growth by reducing organic debris. Easy to assemble and remove.

Kits include Ultra Pond Net, Nylon base, center receptor, four fiberglass poles, four 12’ tie downs, four ground stakes, twelve net stakes, eight net clips. All components store in re-usable drawstring bag.

For pond 7’ x 9’ - net is 15’ x 20’.
For ponds 9’ x 12’ - net is 20’ x 20’.