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Nihonmatsuri Japan Festival Salt Lake City,Utah

April 2013

Ikuhiko Ono, Conaul-General of Japan at Denver

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Shawn McHenry 6 Year All Japan Koi Judge

Michael Hernandez 10Year All Japan Koi Judge

Buying Trip to Japan 2014

Coming Soon.


Grow Out Contest will begin when we get back.

Be sure to bring me your Koi Request you want from Japan.


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We have used the Performance Pro Pumps for years. They performance as they say they will and last for over 19 years.

Buy a Aquadyne Filter and it comes with a

Free Performance Pro Artesian

Cascade Either Low or High RPM external pump

arls of Paradise Complete Quarantine Systems Quaratine

SystemPPearls of Paradise Tanks: .... or Dream Pond ,
















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Advantage Grow System Retro

Revolutionary Approach to WATER CHANGES programed Automatically.

Installed to the return to you pond Filter Flow.

Water Your Lawn or Flowers.

  • Guarantees precision Water Changes all year long automatically
  • Select the amount of water you change each week based on the amount of
  • landscaping you choose to water

Attaches to your Garden Hose Takes out Chlorimine,Chlorine and Heavy Metals



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