Takahashi Koi Farms in Niigata

Mr. Hanjyuro Takahashi is the chief of the association. Being a member of the city assembly at the same time, he leads the Uonuma koi industry. Although he still breeds koi, he leaves all the management of the koi farm to his son, Takehisa. My father, Hanjyuro, founded the farm in 1985. We breed Showa, Asagi, Shusui, Sanke, Kohaku and Hikarimono. The main variety is Showa. It is because Showa is the most suitable variety for the clay quality in this Uonuma area.

My farm is located in Uouma area, which is famous for Showa breeding. So I breed Showa mainly and also Asagi, Goshiki, Shusui, Sanke. I sell them not only inside but also outside of Japan. My policy is to sell all of them including Tategoi (potential Koi) when they are Tosai and 2 years old.

Repetition and accumulation of efforts every year are the secrets of breeding good koi. Koi is not something that appears from nowhere all of a sudden. It takes at least three years to judge if the pair was the right one or not.GinRin Showa..It started about 30 years ago. In 1973, we purchased a white koi with ginrin from Hiroshima. It was male and two years old.




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