Aokiya Koi Farm

Aokiya Koi Farm,

Mr. Haruo Aoki,born in Iketani of Yamakoshi Village, the birthplace of Nishikigoi.

Started Breeding at first: Taisho Sanshoku

I thought that I should breed varieties that nobody does. So that is what I have always been doing. About 15 years ago, I thought that exporting would be a big thing and expected that popular varieties abroad would be Doitsu and Hikarimono. And so, I paid attention to “Kikusui” in Hikarimono and tried to create a new variety with it


The creation process of Kikokuryu.

It was 1993. 10 years ago, I crossbred a male Kumonryu with a female Kikusui. At the time, “Kikokuryu” appeared. When the Kikokuryu became three years old, it won “Best-in-Variety” at the All Japan Combined Young Nishikigoi Show.

Beni Kikokuryu

My Beni Kikokuryu has “cinnabar red.” my Beni Kikokuryu is characterized with a deep red hi.

It is also from a Kumonryu. Kikokuryu simply has sumi on platinum. But by crossing a Kikusui with a Kumonryu, “the red of the Kikusui” came out. Koi without red became Kikokuryu whereas koi with red became Beni Kikokuryu.

today who came into the limelight of the Nishikigoi world because he created varieties that had not existed before in the Nishikigoi industry, such as

Kikokuryu and Beni Kikokuryu.







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