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Ultimate is a convenient, liquid single phase, full-function water conditioner that has been scientifically formulated for use in koi and goldfish ponds. Ultimate should be used (1) when conditioning new water for ponds, (2) prior or during water additions to ponds, (3) before adding  new fish or plants, and (4) when transporting koi or goldfish. It is VERY important to use Ultimate when adding water to a  pond that contains CHLORAMINES. Conventional dechlors will detoxify the clorine in the CHLORAMINES but do nothing to the ammonia released from the CHLORAMINES. Ultimate will detoxify both the chlorine and the ammonia in  CHLORAMINES.

Ultimate is manufactured by AquaScience Research Group, who  invented and manufacture AmQuel and Novaqua.

Ultimate will :

  • Removes & Detoxifies Chlorine
  • Removes & Detoxifies Ammonia
  • Destroys Chloramines
  • Detoxifies Copper & Heavy Metals
  • Boosts Alkalinity
  • Adds Essential Electrolytes
  • Adds 3-part Skin Slime Replacer
  • Reduces Stress
  • Instantly Ages Water

    Dosage Rate

    : 1 pint per 1,000 gallons of system volume.
    Available in Quarts, Gallons and 5 Gallons.






Ultimate - Quart treats 1,920 Gallons




Ultimate-Gallon treats 7,680.00




Ultimate -5 Gallons treats 38,400 Gallons





  • The Original AmQuel Product For Chlorine, Chloramine, And Ammonia Removal
  • A True One-step Liquid Chlorine, Chloramine, And Ammonia  Remover
  • Nontoxic To Fishes, Aquatic invertebrates, And Other Aquatic Life
  • Fast Acting Within Five Minutes, Simple To Use
  • Effective In Removing Toxic Pheromones From The Water
  • Does Not Remove Any Oxygen From The Water
  • Amine-Free
  • Made in U.S.A.

Does AmQuel Contain Any Amines?
We have received questions about whether this product contains any amines.  It does not contain any amines in any form. 

The "Standard Dose" of AmQuel is :

One teaspoon (5 ml) per 10 gallons water,.


One liquid ounce (30 ml) per 60 gallons of water


One cup (8 liquid ounces - 20 ml) per 480 gallons of water.

For other measurements estimate the amounts needed, such as 2 drops per gallon or 1/4 teaspoon for 2.5 gallons of water, or 3 teaspoons for 30 gallons, etc. See the Kordon Article


As a general rule, when using tap water in which chlorine and chloramines are present, but not nitrites, nitrates or other organics -- then it is safe to use the less expensive AmQuel.

If there is the possibility of nitrites, nitrates and other organics being involved, then Amquel+ is recAQUARIUMS AND PONDS When using AmQuel with tap water,

add AmQuel to water at the recommended dosage to remove ammonia, chlorine and chloramines. To fully condition tap water, add Kordon's NovAqua+ as well.

Use AmQuel or AmQuel+ and NovAqua+ each time a water change is made.

If the tap water contains both ammonia and nitrite (this is becoming more common in public water supplies) then AmQuel+ should be used instead of AmQuel. Also see AmQuel+ as to when it should be used.ommended.

  Fluid Ounces Treats:
    1/4oz bottle - treats 15 gallons
    1oz bottle - treats 60 gallons
    4oz bottle - treats 240 gallons
    8oz bottle - treats 480 gallons
    16oz bottle - treats 960 gallons
    1 Gallon jug - treats 7,693 gallons
    5 Gallons box - treats 38,465 gallons


Amquel + 16 oz.
$ 11.95
Amquel + Gallon



Formerly known as CrystalClear Dechlorinator.

CrystalClear Vanish Dry Dechlorinator, will immediately remove chlorine that is present in city water supplies.

Chlorine and chloramine are substances added to most city's water supplies to make water safe for human consumption. Chlorine and chloramine are toxic to all pond fish. Left untreated, these substances can thicken gill filaments and cause gill lesions to develop leaving the fish unable to breath.

For best results, apply CrystalClear Dechlorinator to the area of the pond with the most circulation. This will allow the product to be dispersed throughout the entire water column.



50 cc: Treats 1,000 Gallons 100 cc: Treats 2,000 Gallons
150 cc: Treats 3,000 Gallons 200 cc: Treats 4,000 Gallons
250 cc: Treats 5,000 Gallons

Vanish-Dry Dechlorinator 8 oz.Treats up to 48,000 Gallons
Vanish-Dry Dechlorinator 2 lb Treats 192,000 Gallons
Vanish-Dry Dechlorinator 25 lb.Treats 2,400,000 Gallons


Debride Pro Health

Debride ProHealth calms fishs, reduces losses, eases stress, minimizes infection and aids healing, thereby helping to protect fishs during illness, handling and transportation. Debride ProHealth also helps detoxify the free ions of heavy metals present in the pond such as zinc, iron or copper which can be lethal to fishs and invertebrates.

Debride ProHealth forms a multi-layered protective slime coating on fish’s skin, protecting them during handling and minimizing infection. The coating works as a healing aid for fishs with bruises, missing scales, or frayed fins. The multi-layered protective slime coating is formed by special polymer colloids and is compatible with the use of salt.

Debride ProHealth combines concentrated skin slime replacers with the addition of vitamin B12 which aids in the more normal healing process of injured fishes.

VERY IMPORTANT: Debride ProHealth DOES NOT interfere with the fish’s gills or breathing, or with the measurements of water quality test kits.

This is an excellent product to use anytime fish are sick for ANY reason. Debride ProHealth will help accelerate the healing process thus minimizing damage to the fish.

Debride ProHealth works very well in conjunction with ULTIMATE water conditioner.

Debride ProHealth was developed and is manufactured by AquaScience Research Group, Inc., the makers of Ultimate water conditioner, ProForm-C, ProForm-LA, PraziPond, ClorAm-X and Quin-Phos anesthetic.


SKU Description Price Shopping Cart
dbrdprohlth Debride ProHealth Quart Treats 7,680 Gallons $13.95  
dbrdprohlth Debride ProHealth Gallon Treats 1,920 Gallons $42.95