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Filtration and Filter Media

  • Clear water does not necessarily mean clean water, it may contain colorless impurities, such as ammonia and  nitrite, that are harmful and even lethal to Koi.
  • Filters need to be cleaned occasionally to remove sediment, take this into account when building one.
  • Add a bottom drain to each filter chamber so that sediment can be let out, it makes cleaning much easier.
  • Another  thing that makes cleaning easier is to put filter medium in net bags, not just pour it in all at once, as it can then be more easily  removed, one bag at a time.
  • One last important thing, never ever put tap water in a mature filter, it will kill all the bacteria and you will have to let it mature all over again.
  • We have a good selection of pond filter to suit your needs. 

Nexus EAZY 210

Up Grade Kit

Nexus EAZY 310

Up Grade Kit

Click here for Layout Plumbing for the Nexus and Eazy Pod Filters by Chase
Gravity Fed Nexus and Cetus Sieve System on an Exsisting Pond.

Pump Fed Nexus and Cetus Sieve from Above the pond.


Nexus Filter image
Aqua Evolution Pond Sieve & Nexus Filters NEW Eazy Pod is a complete Floating bed filter system for: Up to 2,500 Gallon Koi Ponds

Add to your Pond and Quaratine Systems

This program will Text you on your phone and by email if

your parameters are off. Even if your pumps stops Flowing.


SEA-DROP 850/950 Underwater Video Camera The VideoRay Scout system


Nexus Exit Path Retro Kit

Bring your existing gravity fed Nexus/Answer combination up to current specifications by retrofitting the new EA fines polisher and air backwash kit.? Kit includes all fittings and hardware necessary to convert your Nexus/Answer combination


Upgrade your existing central?sponge block to?the new Nexus Eazy.? The Eazy features Evolution Aqua's new solids removal system utilising static Kaldnes.For the Nexus 200 Retro Kit and Nexus 300 Retro Kit





Aquadyne Filter Image

AQUADYNE(C) Bead Filtration Systems

Never Clean Messy Filter Pads Again!

Bottom Drains

Pondmaster Low Pressure filter by Danner Fishmate GravityFilters with UV Lights BioStep by Matala Best Seller

Fiters for Ponds:


Trickle Tower Plastic Media Boxes

Filter Media's of all Brands

Plumbing Parts and PVC Flexible & Pond Netting