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EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT Patented "Color Changing Sprinklers"

Complete 6 station Micro-Irrigation System & Supports:

Water Conserving Low Volume Sprinkler System

  • Misters ,Spitters ,Drippers ,Sprayers ,Fountains ,Sprinklers

    Complete 6 piece Color Changing Lighting System
  • Independent Color changing each timing is slightly different 30seconds to 45seconds.
    The life of the LED should be 60,000 hours and possibly up to 200,000 hours.
  • Each Light Microprocessor Controlled with Color with Pushbutton Color Lock Pushbutton Color selection Feature to lock your favorite color. RED, White, Blue, Change any color for any occasion or Holiday.

    2 Hummingbird Lights 7” Wingspan with Drip Nozzles. Patent #7,182,477.

    2 Butterfly Lights 5” Wingspan 7” Diagonal with Micro Spray Nozzles. Patent #7,182,477.

    2 Dragonfly Lights 7” Wingspan with Micro Spray Nozzles. Patent #7,182,477.
  • Shapes clearly Visible from 100feet away at Night.
  • 2 piece extendable steel support.
  • Sealed Rain tight Connectors.
  • Daisy Chain extendable system.
  • 6 stainless steel handle assemblies w/LED and control module.
  • Hose adapter and Pre-CUT watering system.
  • One 12' sensor wire.
  • Outdoor Rain Tight Transformer UL approved 4.5V.

    Optional Multiple Accessories:
  • Solar Panel powers entire set of 6 lights.
  • Larger Transformer.
  • Optional Control Lines 15ft Long.
  • Nozzles Valves and Fittings Compatible with all 1/4" irrigation systems. Rainbird - Dig - Orbit - Raindrip - Antelco The SprinkLites(TM) guarantee is 5 years with free replacement and shipping the 1st year.
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    13" Color Changing Sprinklers, Butterfly, Dragon Fly, Humming Bird ...........[Complete Set]

    Can buy indiviually for $39.99