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Getting Started with Montly Maintence:

Please follow these steps:

1. Unplug the SonicSolutions Power Supply from electrical power supply before servicing.


It is EXTREMELY important you ..

.NEVER... Remove the SonicSolution transducer from the water before you unplug it from the electrical outlet,

as this can result in damage to the transducer head and will VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

2. Then pull unit from water.
3. Wipe the Transducer's head with soft sponge or cloth, removing dirt and build-up.

4.Replace unit back in water facing correct direction. Make sure flat end of head faces out [not the side with the cord].

It is EXTREMELY important you do not plug in the unit to the electric outlet BEFORE YOU PUT IT IN THE WATER as this can result in damage to the transducer head and WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

5. Plug the SonicSolution unit back into the GFI outlet.

Check that the power supply lights are lit.

a. One solid Green Light = Power On

b. One Blinking Green Light = Device working and ultrasonic waves working.




Transducer Head Polishing Instructions

On a periodic basis during use and/or after winter storage, it may be necessary to polish the front of the transducer head on the SonicSolutions Algae Control Device. Check the front of the transducer head for any deep scratches or abrasions and then please follow these instructions to polish and buff the front and sides of the transducer.

The polishing process is extremely important if you have had water. The calcium strength in the hard water will cause build up of calcium crystal on the front of the transducer face in the scratches and diminish the ultrasound signal coming from the unite.

What to buy and tools you will need for polishing:

-"West" Sandpaper in three different grits - 500,1000 & 1500 [ie:Norton Wet Sanding Sandpaper 1500 Grit avail be at home Depo].

Steps to Follow for Polishing Transducer Head:

Step 1. Start with a Dry Transducer.

Step 2. Dampen the wet sandpaper grit 500 and buff transducer face to remove deep scratches. Next, use dampened 1000 grit Wet Sand paper to polish more, and finally use the dampened 1500 grit and buff the face of the transducer. The Transducer Head should be nice and smooth when done.

Step 3. the final step is to buff a shine. To do so, use a few drops of a car polish compound [McGuire's ultimate Compound is a suggestion] and buff out any remaining fine scratches left by the 1500 grit sandpaper.

The polishing process, along with the monthly maintenance guidelines will help to maintain the optimal performance of your Sonic Solutions Algae Control Device. This process should take about 15 minute per device.

Any Questions call 1-800-270-4211