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Edgewater Golf Course, Grafton, Wi.

Northwest Park Golf Course, Wheaton, MD

concord Country club, Concordville, Pa.

Shadow Redige Golf course, Vista, Ca.


Wintherthur Gardens, Dupont Estate-Private Pond

Tom's Cabin Trout Farms, Silverthorne, Co.

Ketchum Lake Improvement, Stanwood, Wa.

2 Rivers Ranch,Wldlife Sanctuary, Thonotosassa, fl.

Aqua Utilites Florida, Leesburg. Fl.

Tidewater condo Associtaton

Homeowners Association -Pond, malvern, Pa.

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“All of us at the Indian Wells Golf Club are very pleased with our SonicSolutions algae control devises.  Although we were initially skeptical that the devices would work, since we installed the SonicSolutions algae control devises, we have not needed to use any chemicals for algae control in our ponds --even through the hottest months of the summer!  Today, we have 21 SonicSolutions units, including 12 solar powered models, controlling algae and helping preserve the beauty of our golf course in a environmentally responsible way. " - Rich Carter, General Manager, Indian Wells Golf Club, Indian Wells, CA

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Indian Wells Golf Club in Indian Wells, CA.

This course is ranked in the top 5 public golf courses

in the country!


Clarksdale, MS – Wendell Schmidt

Installation – Spring 2011 - present
•Catfish aquaculture farm ponds
•“I’ve seen a lot of products that promise to control algae but don’t. SonicSolutions showing some of the more dramatic results of all the products I’ve tried.” – Wendell Schmidt, Schmidt Fish Farms Inc.

  • Wright-Grounds Tree Farm – Jude Grounds
    “Our tree farm has a couple medium sized trout ponds which we stock annually with a couple hundred rainbow and golden trout. Both ponds are subject to significant algal blooms in the summer which, if left untreated, threatens the health of the trout. Historically, we have mitigating the algae with AquaShade or similar dye products, which seemed to work. However, we were always a bit embarrassed by the 'tidy bowl' tint to our pond... We installed the SonicSolutions algae control device in the Spring of 2010. Within weeks, the pond was more clear than we had ever seen before - we could literally count the golden trout at the bottom of the 14-foot pond. Unfortunately, we weren't the only things that could now see those tasty trout--our pond is now home to some well-fed blue heron and bald eagles! We are a testament to, not only the success of the SonicSolutions ultrasonic device, but the passion and dedication of the SonicSolutions staff, who continue to provide advice and assistance to help us optimize our system. We strongly recommend SonicSolutions.”

    Hopkinton, MA – Ken Wagner

    Issues with boulders and configuration of SS devices
    •Susceptibility of green algae

    Hopkinton, MA – Ken Wagner

    Dedham, MA – Lycott Environmental

    RESULTS: Throughout summer, algae was controlled and very little if any algae bloomed, even during the hottest months. While no water samples or algae testing was conducted on a regular/scientific basis, it is plausible to conclude that the ultrasound helped to control the algae on this pond which typically had been plagued by algal blooms in recent years. The only change to this pond by Lycott was installing the ultrasound device


    Jim Fetterhoff – Hegins, PA•Small 2 acre retention pond
    •Approx 18’ depth in middle
    •Aeration and pond dye used in previous years
    •Installed SS-400 in October 2010 for one month.
    •Re-Installed April 2011


    June 2011 Testimonial: “Its too bad I didn't know about SonicSolutions and their algae thumper before I spent thousands of dollars dumping in dyes, chemicals and buying aerators and fountains to fight algae. What a difference your algae thumper makes.”


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    Aaerobic bacteria coat the anaerobic bacteria and effectively seal the anaerobic bacteria in against the surface.
    •The aerobic bacteria consume oxygen and produce CO2.
    •The anaerobic bacteria consume the CO2 produced by the aerobic bacteria.
    •The aerobic bacteria are looking for oxygen to consume. Green (chlorophyll) algae produce oxygen.
    •The algae need a way to attach to surfaces, and biofilm is that way.

    Biofilm - Pre-Installation

    Existing Clarifier:
    –Must first be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
    –The existing biofilm should be removed mechanically down to the wall surface, using either bleach or another strong cleanser for a completely disinfected surface.

    Once the walls are clean and disinfected, bring the water levels up.
    –Immediately have the ultrasound in place.
    **Please note, you do NOT want to plug in or turn on SonicSolutions units before they are submerged in water completely

    Biofilm - New Clarifier

    As soon as the clarifier is being filled for the first time, immediately have the ultrasound in place.
    **Please note, you do NOT want to plug in or turn on SonicSolutions units before they are submerged in water completely.

    SonicSolutions PREVENTS biofilm
    •SonicSolutions does NOT kill biofilm