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Safe for Fish, Plants, and Other Aquatic Life

The SonicSolutions® device produces a range of ultrasonic frequencies that target blue/green and filamentous algaes.

Sonic Solutions Kills 95% of the Blue Green Algae and Green Algae.

It will have no effect upon aquatic plants, such as duckweed, water meal, eelgrass, milfoil, and chara.

It is also safe for other aquatic life, such as fish, turtles, and frogs.


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Algae and Biofilm
George W. Hutchinson



Finally, When the Algare is being killed be sure to put in:

1. Natural Bacteria's that eat the much and debre as the Ultra Sonic's is killing off the Algae,

2. Clean your filters often.This Too will help to keep your Organic Levels down to Keep You Water Quality up.

3.CMC Clay can also play an important key to water quality. It will help bind up the decaying matter where floating or otherwise and with the current from your bottom drains draw it out of your pond to your filters.

Suggestions: We use Sludgeaway, CMC Clay,ML/PL,New Water Bio Balls.


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