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Advanced Series

Sensaphone 800

Remote Monitoring and
Alarm Notifi cation System


Monitor Your Pond in Winter
Monitor Your Pond in Summer





Air Pumps

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Remote Monitoring and
Alarm Notifi cation System

Comes with pre-wired a Thermostat

for Pond Water Temperature (-20F to 150F)

#1 Control


Other devices

Automatically, Manually, even Remote Control.


Local Access:
• Keypad and speaker for local programming.
• Easy voice-prompted programming.
• Password-protected to restrict programming

Monitor 8
* Power Failure-Can call to advise of a power outage

* Sound Level .A built-in output relay is provided to switch an external device either automatically, or manually.

Can call to advise of high-level sounds (as long as high sound is consistent for 5 full seconds)

* Water Level Goes below Normal

*You can even use it to control a dual setback thermostat to change the temperature remotely-Can call to advise of temperature extremes (you set an acceptable range and it calls you if the temperature goes outside of that range).

Detect temperature extremes in additional locations OTHER than where the Sensaphone is located [FGD-0100] for indoor,[FGD-0101] for outdoor,

* Automatic Timer on .Lights in the Pond and Landscaping Lights

Notify 8 people with custom voice phone calls.

8 Dial-Out Phone Numbers, up to 32 digits each

Intelligently dials out to numeric beepers or pagers

Phone line integrity monitor :

  • Line seizure -The Sensaphone 400 can seize a phone line that is in use in order to call out.
  • Output Relay -Control a device such as a thermostat, siren, or strobe, either manually OR automatically based on alarm condition!
  • Real voice capability - Record voice labels for to identify the unit and each input!The voice messages can be custom recorded, so you get to describe each alarm message that it speaks in your own voice.
  • Phone line condition monitoring - The 400 monitors the integrity of the phone line. If the line is cut or disconnected, and LED will flash and (optionally) the relay output can be tripped at the same time.

1. Voice Alert............2. Voice Alert..........3. Voice Alert.........4. Voice Alet

*Changes can be done on your Touch Tone Phone.Built-in AC Power failure sensing.

• Call in with any Touch-Tone phone to check the status of all monitored conditions.
• Make programming changes remotely from any Touch-Tone phone.

Built-in microphone for listening in. \

Unit can be called into for a status report at any time (unit recites time, current temperature, electricity status, alarm conditions, battery condition, sound level condition, and caller can listen to the room via the units built-in microphone).

24 Hour Battery Backup (with user-installed batteries)

  • Backup with user installed batteries. Power Supply:
    • Comes with plug-in power supply.
    • 24 Hour battery backup using 6 size C alkaline
    batteries (not included).
    • Automatically monitors for power failure alarms.
    • International power options available.
    No Monthly Fees

Devices can be added to:

  • Raise or lower a setback thermostat
  • Locally indicate alarm either audibly, visually, or both (with added siren and/or strobe)
  • Provide cellular service to the Sensaphone in the absence of a landline



Control and Monitoring Design Sheet

Filling out the Form

What would you like to monitor and control the function of :

Monitor Control   Monitor Control
1. Pump 1      
2. Pump 1      
3. Pump 3      
4. Air Pump 1      
5. Air Pump 2      
6. Pond Lights 1      
7. Pond Lights 2      
8 Exterior Lights 1      
9. Exterior Lights 2      
10.UV Light 1      
11. Water Level      
13. Intrustion      
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