Retro Bottom Drains

Sits on top of the linner of your pond.

Retro Bottom Drain can be installed without cutting the liner.

Sits on top of the linner in the deepest part of the pond and connect to in 2",3" or 4".... Hard PVC or Flex PVC Pipe. Removes debris that settles to the lowest point of the pond from pond bottom.

When use the 2" or 3" besure to weight down the legs. 4" pvc hard pipe seems to hold the drain down on it's own.

An important accessory for achieving optimal water quality, and is ideal for Koi ponds. Install at the deepest point of the pond. The product is easy to install. If you have questions as

* Easy Installtion/Minium maintenance

* Handles high volumes of water

* For ponds 1400 to 10,000 Gallons

* For Smaller size drains use the smaller Retro Drain

* Multiple sizes of PVC pipe: 1 1/2"-2"-3"or 4"

* 15" Diam. x 6" Height

* Durable ABS Plastic Construction

* Ideal for gravity fed filter systems

to how to install these, give us a call.

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Retro Pond Drain Small

1 1/2",-3" [11" Diameter]

Ponds 500-1400 Gallons


Retro Pond Drain Large

11/2"-4" [15" Diameter,6" Height]

Ponds 1400-10000 Gallons

Mulitple Sizes of Pipes
Opening can be cut for 1 1/2",2",3" or 4" PVC

Small Retro Drain

Easy Installation/Minimum maintenance

Handles high volumes of water

For ponds 500 to 1400 Gallons.

Multiple option pipe sizes 1/12",2",3"

11" Diamtere x 5" Height

Balanced water celocity entrance rate

Burable ABS plastic construction.

30% Smaller than Large Retro Drain.

Suggestion on

installing the Retro Drain.

Take a white plastic meat board Place the retro drain in the middle of the meat board. Drill holes in the legs of the retro drain and down thru the meat board. Take Stainless steel bolt and nut and attach the retro drain to the meat board. You may also want to find a stainless steel pipe band to attach to the pvc pipe to the meat board also so it will not slip out of the retro drain. Also prevents the suction of the water thru the pvc pipe when pump is on so that the liner doesn't get suctioned up.

Installing the Retro drain on top of the liner of the pond to the pump.

Installing a Retro Drain in a Show Tank.............................. One of the safety factors is that if water escapes from the tank there will still be 4" or more water left in the tank for the koi.