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Koi Association


Drawing by Joel Barnett

[Student at Salt Lake Community Collegel]

Learning to take Photo's of koi

February's Meeting

We all talked at Catus and Tropicals for the meeting with the Utah Water Garden Society



February's Meetng

Engineering Filtration


Face Book


Subject for March 25th Meeting

-Study of the GoSanke Group

-Breeding Koi

-Body Confirmation

-Water Chemistry

-What do koi foods do for the Koi?

-Diseases of Koi

-Inviting BYU Idaho to come help us breed the Koi

Michael Hernandez

All Japan Koi Judge

Tomigai Koi Foods

Sponsor for Nishikigoi Youth Association

- Skype or You Tube Tour of an American Breeder of Japanese Koi

-What is Body Confirmation and pattern

-How to put on a Koi Show.



-Under Water Robitic's Contest once a year



Robyn Utah Koi info@utahkoi.com 1-800-270-4211


by Robyn Kasteler

Founder of the Nishikigoi Youth Association International

Education is the "Key"

Our Youth need examples and to be shown .... Not just told what is what...Seeing is believeing

and I believe in our Youth....
Remember it takes a Community to Raise a Child in the right way. What better way to do this than in Koi....








Download putty ssh for windows Download putty ssh for windows