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February 2015 Meeting

for the Nishikigoi Youth Association International


High School and College Ages and Adult Hobbyists

MEETING FOR February 5,2015

6:00 p.m. Social Time

6:30 Meeting starts

*Bring a Friend and get an Artic Circle FREE ARTIC CIRCLE GIFT CARD FOR AN ICE CREAM CONE.

*Bring 2 to 3 Friends with you and received a $5.00 Gift Certificate to Artic Circle.

Engineering Filtrations Systems




March's Meeting

How to use a Microscope

Identify Bacterial Infections

Identify All Parasites and Flukes

How to treat for disease and sores.

Hand Outs will be give out.

If you need the begining book please let us know and

I will have it there for you.



3494 West 6925 South
West Jordan, Utah 84084


Free Show Quality 5"-7" Will be Given away Free



David and Robyn Will be our Host.

801-965-8767 or 801-641-8194

David McLean:

david.mclean@hunterdouglas.comCell. Robyn



You Tube




Advanced Koi Association.Koi Show Seminars


for Information: Address: 3494 West 6925 South, West Jordan, Utah 801-965-8767


Junior Koi Club Advisor:

Back Ground on Bruce:

Intermediate Koi Association President:l

Joel Barnett

[Senior at West Jordan High School]

Intermediate Koi Association Vice President: Keyaira Norton

IntermediateKoi Association Secretary:

Intermediate Koi Association Show Chairman:

Intermediate Koi Association Fund Raisier Advisor:


Junior Koi Association President:

Junior Koi Association Vice President:

Junior Koi Association Secretary:

Junior Koi Association Show Chairman:

Junior Koi Association Fund Raisier Advisor:

Mission Statement for the Junior Koi Assciation

Download putty ssh for windows Download putty ssh for windows