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Advisor David McLean david.mclean@hunterdouglas.com

Robyn Utah Koi info@utahkoi.com 1-800-270-4211

Sponsors: Michael Hernandez All Japan Koi Judge for 9 Years

Shawn McHenry All Japan Koi Judge for 4 Years


Subject for March 25th Meeting

-Study of the GoSanke Group

-Breeding Koi

-Body Confirmation

-Water Chemistry

-What do koi foods do for the Koi?

-Diseases of Koi

-Inviting BYU Idaho to come help us breed the Koi

Michael Hernandez

All Japan Koi Judge

Tomigai Koi Foods

Sponsor for Nishikigoi Youth Association

- Skype or You Tube Tour of an American Breeder of Japanese Koi

-What is Body Confirmation and pattern

-How to put on a Koi Show.