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Nishikigoi that are in the Mud Ponds

Terminology and Pronounciation

Harvesting  November 2009
(All of these Photo's of Nishikigoi were taken before they were put in the Mud Pond.)

August all Prices on Nishikigoi that are in the Mud Ponds Now these prices come off the koi until November Harvest.

Supplier: Dainichi Koi Farm

Mushigame Mud Ponds in Japan


Shiro Utsuri [Tategoi]
Breeder Kanako
Female 3yrs53 cm

First in Size 5 Utsuri

Congrats!!! Jan on winning the Midwest Pond & Koi SocietyShow.

Koi out of Mud Pond and Now Available
(From Mud Pond in Japan)

Tancho Goshkie

breeder: Hiroi
Size 60 cm




Tancho Kohakum
Breeder Koda
56 cm



Doitsu Showa
Breeder Koda

62 cm



Metallic White
Breeder Mariju

45 cm


Hi Utsuri's

Breeder Mariju
45 cm
78452649 cm



Shiro Utsuri
Breeder Kanako
3 yr old





62 CM

Breeder Izumiya





















Why Buy From The Mud Pond?

1. Koi will Grow Out Larger.
2. Koi will achieve Outstanding Color.
3. Koi Patterns wil be Enhanced.
4. Koi Prices Are MUCH Less if you pick out koi before they are Harvested from the Mud Ponds.

Koi Currently in Mud Ponds in Japan

Harvest Dates Aprox:

Receiving Your Nishikigoi at the Air Port:

Once we ship your Nishikigoi From the Air Port and you receive it at your Air Port Please open the box and check you Nishikigoi to make sure it is alive. All Claims for the Nishikigoi if dead MUST be taken up with the Airlines. We insure every shipment. This means that the Dealer is not liable for any Reason. Please check with the airline insurance carefully!

Buying Nishikigoi from the Mud Ponds:

Once you have picked your Nishikigoi and have confirmed it is still available. Once confirmed it is available the entire purchase price along with the Mud Pond Fee must be paid in full. This is so no one else can purchase this koi.
REMEMBER Once a koi is purchased there is no refund, All Sales Are Final. This means if your koi comes out of the Mud Pond dead we are not held responsible. Note: That is one of the risks from buying from the Mud Pond and the chance you take so that you can buy the Nishikigoi at sometimes less than half the price the Breeders could sell it for in the Fall Harvest.
THESE IS A RARE OCCURANCE to have one die. One or two out of hundred koi die. Breeders in Japan do not want to promote any bad will. Note: Remember by Selling you a Nishikigoi before Fall Harvest,the Breeders stand to loose out Thousands of Dollars for what they could have sold it for in Fall Harvest. They do not know what quality the koi will come out when Harvested. Some are worth less and Yet some are worth three times the money.
All Nishikigoi purchased after the Fall Harvest will greatly increase in price. Some times into the thousands in Tatagoi Koi. So Remember to Reserve Your Beautiful Nishikigoi Early before August for the BEST PRICES!