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Bio Step Filter by Matala .........


Recommended flow rate for optimum UV performance.

Matala Filter Media Specifications
Filter Media Quantity
Volume %
Low density
3 sheets 92
Medium density
2 Sheets 93
High density
2 Sheets 94
Super high
density (Gray)
1 Sheet 94

Model Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate
Biosteps 10 2,660 gallons 1,060 gph
Biosteps 10 with
9W UV Clarifier
800 gallons 400 gph*
Biosteps 10 with
13W UV Clarifier
1,200 gallons 600 gph*
Biosteps 10 with
18W UV Clarifier
1,600 gallons 800 gph*
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MBS9W BioStep 10 9 Watt Replacement Bulb $  
MBS18 W BioStep 10 18 Watt Replacement Bulb $  

Matala biological filter for koi ponds and water gardens

Expandable, high-capacity pond filter accommodates a variety of ponds

Provides unparalleled biological filtration for superior pond water quality

Expandable gravity filter maximizes Matala® filter media performance. The rugged Biosteps 10 contains an amazing 200 sq. ft. of surface area for beneficial bacteria growth. Combined with a cross flow design that traps and processes more debris at high flow rates, you get unparalleled biological filtration for superior water quality. Combine multiple units for large or heavily stocked koi ponds, or use Biosteps 10 with UV Clarifier for improved water clarity.

Universal barbed inlet (1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"), 1-1/2" outlet. Measures 23-3/16" x 15" x 20-3/16" high.

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BioStep 10 Filter

Regular Price $279.98


BioStep 10 Flter With 9 Watt UV Light

Reular Price $479.98


BiotStep 10 Filter with 18 Watt UV Light

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EZ Bio 11, Prefilter Small

1900 GPH


EZ Bio 20, Prefilter, Large

3600 GPH

MEZBRB Repl. Tube Matala, Blue, For EZbio 11 &20 $  
MEZBRG Rep. Tube Matala, Gree, For EZBio 20 $