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Aquadyne AD 2000

.Aquadyne 2000 - Filters to 2000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 8000.

Aquadyne 8000 - Filters to 8000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 16000

Aquadyne 8000HE - Filter to 8000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 4000

Aquadyne 4000 - Filters to 4000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 8000 BHE

Aquadyne 8000HE - Filter to 8000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 30000

Aquadyne 30000 - Filters to 30000 Gallons



AD 30,000 With Blower..

Excellently suited for ponds up to 30,000 Gallons

Large Ponds with Heavy Loads or Commercial Fisheries Rated!

Excellent for those that have a habit of Feed Generous

Most Excellent Water Quality with regard to Waste Management.

- Can backwash as little as once every 3 weeks.

* Allowing high flow rates and exceptional solids removal at heavy loads.


This model was previously the Classic Aquadyne 8.8C

Pond Size Fish Load Pump Size Plumbing
Plumbing Accessories Head Pressure Media Volume Media Weight Filter Dimensions
Diameter x Height
Avg. Backwash
Up to 32,000 Gallons 660 Lbs. 1000 to 8000 Gallons Per Hour 2 Inches 3 ea. Self Sealing 2" Unions Included 0 to 2 Psi at 4000 GPH on a clean cycled filter 9.71 Cubic Feet 320 Lbs. 36-inches x 48-inches 90 Gal.
Aquadyne Filter Media

Aquadyne Filter AD 30,000

Ponds up to 30,000 Gallons

Excellently suited for ponds up to 30,000 Gallons

Large Ponds with Heavy Loads or Commercial Fisheries Rated!

Excellent for those that have a habit of Feed Generous

Most Excellent Water Quality with regard to Waste Management.

- Can backwash as little as once every 3 weeks.

* Allowing high flow rates and exceptional solids removal at heavy loads.






Aquadyne Filter AD 30,000 Bead Filter with DynaMax Blower

Ponds up to 30,000 Gallons

Aquadyne Filter AD 30,000 Bead Filter with DynaMax Blower

Ponds up to 30,000 Gallons


$6,800.00 .BUY NOW

AD30000 [8.8C]


Recommend Pump: Performance Pro External Pump

A2-1/2-76C, 7,560 GPH @ 6'


AQUADYNE AD30000 Bead Filter is without doubt the most superior of all bead filters in its class. Boasting worry free maintenance on ponds up to 30000 gallons. In the average large pond installation, the sheer volume of the AD30000 can bless you with only having to backwash as little as once every 3 weeks. The AD30000 moves filtration well into the commercial category, supporting extremely high pond or fish run water capacities with very heavy fish loads.

The Dynamax Air Assisted Backwash which makes this model extremely efficient in all ranges of waste loading. It will efficiently filter 30000 gallons of water with up to 660 pounds of fish or other aquatic inhabitants. Even under the heaviest of waste loading, the Dynamax will break up a loaded media bed with ease. The AD30000 is easily suited for applications where high volume ponds, research applications, or aquariums need to have exceptional performance under the most abusive aquatic circumstances without breaking the bank. The large media bed allows for an excessive accumulation of beneficial bacteria to consume very high amounts of ammonia and nitrite.

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  • AD30000 Filtration System
  • Max. Pond Size - 32000 gal.
  • Flow Rate - 1000 - 8000 GPH
  • Head Pressure - 0 to 2 Psi at 4000 GPH on a Clean Cycled Filter
  • Type - Pressurized External Filter
  • Fish Load - 660 lbs.
  • Media Weight - 320 lbs
  • Plumbing Acc. - (3) Self Sealing 2" Unions
  • Inlet / Outlet - 2"
  • Dimensions (Dia. x H) - 36" x 48"
  • Warranty - 1 Year



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Owners Manual for Aquadyne AD16,000 Filter

Pre Filters to Choose From

Super Leaf Basket

10" x 16"

1 1/2'' with a female thread; 2'' slip ports are also available




Ultra Leaf Basket

10" x 26"

1 1/2'' with a female thread; 2'' slip ports are also available




SKU Description Price Shoppingcart
CBS16 SUPER LEAF BASKET 10" X 16" GREY $399.00


Advantage Filter
Ultima II Filters
Challenger Filter
Aquadyne Filters
Pressure Guage
Site Glass
Clear Plastic Lid
Air Release on Lid
3/4" Sludge Drain at Bottom of Filter
Water Flow Directed right at the Sluge Drain inside of filter to break up sludge so it can flow right out filter when back washing
Internal Plumbing with Non Restrictive Flow
Multi Port Valve
Handles Low Flow rates easily
Blower for Back Washing
Cable of consuming large amounts of waste..Neutralizing equally large amounts of ammonia and nitrites, separting and back washing massive amounts of solid particulates waste with out clogging.
Ball Valve on the Blower Arm
Swing Check Valve on Arm of Blower
Sludge Drain is a Cap on side of tank      
Water Jets from center chamber for Back Washing      
2" Plumbing
Reviews On Filters     Challenger Aquadyne

[B] Noticed the Water flow from the center chamber at the Bottom of the inside canister. This water makes it so the sludge in the bottom of the filter is agitated so it cleans the bottom when the Sludge Drain is open at the bottom of the filter...NO OTHER FILTER DOES THIS. Others that do not have this tend to clog up if not clean regularly or if a heavy load of organics builds up quickly.



1 H.P./120 V Blower Replacement

6.8 AMPS HZ 50/60


1.5 H.P./120V Blower Replacement

120 V/ 7.5 AMPS/HZ 50/60

Bead Media Replacement Price Per Pound
$4.20 a Pound



Rhino Overflow or Side Wall Water Return to Pond. 2",3",4"

Rhino I Bottom Drain with out Air


Rhino II Drain with 9" Air Diffuser and With out Air. 4"


Hakko Air Pumps

EA Air Pumps



Performance Pro