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Aquadyne AD 2000

.Up to 2,000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 4000

Up to 4,000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 8000.

Up to 8,000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 8000 BHE

Up to 8,000Gallons

Aquadyne AD 16000

Up to 16,000 Gallons

Aquadyne AD 30000

Up to 30,000 Gallons


AD 30,000 With Blower

Excellently suited for ponds up to 30,000 Gallons

Large Ponds with Heavy Loads or Commercial Fisheries Rated!

Excellent for those that have a habit of Feed Generous



Installing the Aquadyne 30000 Filter

Advantage Filter
Ultima II Filters
Challenger Filter
Aquadyne Filters
Pressure Guage
Site Glass
Clear Plastic Lid
Air Release on Lid
3/4" Sludge Drain at Bottom of Filter
Water Flow Directed right at the Sluge Drain inside of filter to break up sludge so it can flow right out filter when back washing
Internal Plumbing with Non Restrictive Flow
Multi Port Valve
Handles Low Flow rates easily
Blower for Back Washing
Cable of consuming large amounts of waste..Neutralizing equally large amounts of ammonia and nitrites, separting and back washing massive amounts of solid particulates waste with out clogging.
Ball Valve on the Blower Arm
Swing Check Valve on Arm of Blower
Sludge Drain is a Cap on side of tank      
Water Jets from center chamber for Back Washing      
2" Plumbing
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