We are more than fish...we are koi..

My Designs for Filtration System,Koi,Water Quality and Landscaping

OSI Project

Oriental Koi Pond

My Designs.


Entrance from the front and in the Back

Made of wood with the Japanese Symbol.

On each side is the Tom Torrin Hand Crafted Bell.

The Fence frame is in Brown. The wood slates are in black.


The Waterfall

On the left side of the water fall..... the water fills up with water and flows over the flat rock on top.

Water sheets down until it hits the rocks coming out from the under wall. Finally hits the last two lower large flat rocks and then cascades into the pond.

On the Right Side is a Japanese Rock Bowl. The water flows in from the back side ...fills. up the bowl and cacades over the Front.

Behind the Japanese Rock Bowl are two Bonasi's.


I put the picture showing the plumbing I used to obtain this water feature.

Also you will notice the plumbing for the winter bypass so you can keep the filtrations going and stop the water from going over the waterfall.


West Side of the Pond

A Hand Crafted Cement Japanese Bowl Rock was formed. A single sumbersible pump feeds the bow with water. Smaller rocks were made on each side to add depth as texture. then ground cover around the rocks.

Water Cascades from the front of the Bowl in to the pond.

Hand Carved rocks are made of cement and dyed with 5 layers of color and cover with a clear coating.

I designed the rocks my self so that it would show the difference sizes and heights to put alot of texture to the design. All the rocks are accented with mini bonsai and ground cover.

The cement pagoda's have lights that shine on them. To accent the pagoda's a Flowering Shrub is planted next to them. There are 4 pagoda's all together.

I replaced the lattuce with wood slats.The Fence frame is in Brown. The wood slates are in black.

With the Lights,water features and plants this creates an incredible warm feeling of comfort.


This is the East Side of the building

I originally designed the Japanese filter building with the wood shingles and windows.

We ended up doing a Half Building and putting it next to the wall of the pavillion.

The fence that surrounds the complex :

The Fence frame is in Brown. The wood slates are in black.

I had them take out the plastic lattuce and put in the wood slates on the fence, the bridge, pavillion.

Filter Building showing the Aquadyne Filter, Ep 10 Uv, Performance Pro Pump, 2 Air pumps

Filter Building has Glass in the Windows and is Insulated in the walls and ceiling for Winter.