Eazy Pod Filter With Integrated 18 Watt UV

The US verison of the Eazy Pod now comes with a standard configuration. The latest version includes

a Logo Plate over the Uv Position.

this then allows a Hobbyist to purchase a Standard Eazy Pod and then later upgrade by simply

removing the logo plate and bolting the UV Upgrade kit.

Of course the eazy Pod can be purchased with the UV kit already installed as well.

Air System Sold Separately.

Ideal for garden ponds up to 2642 Gallon

with our with out built in 18 watt UV Clarifier

Easy to install and clean

Fitted with ½” Slide Valve and Hosetail on Inlet and Waste

Pump Fed Set Up Only

EazyPod Complete Manual

For detailed installation instructions please read the

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INCLUDES: AIRPUMP 70 PLUS BUILT IN w/18 Watt UVMechanical and biological filter system Koi ponds up to 5,333 US GALLONS



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UV Upgrade kit


[INCLUDES AIR PUMP 70 KIT] Koi ponds up to 5,333 US GALLONS

CUV-118 EAZY POD REPLACEMENT 18 WATT UV $110.49 Add to Cart 


Mechanical and biological filter system Koi ponds up to 5,333 US GALLONS



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  • 75 LPM
  • Standard 120 Volts / 60hZ - Only 50 watts!
  • Manufacturer recommended for ponds up to 7000 gallons (Our recommendation is up to 5000 gallons)
  • Certified for outdoor use
  • 12 Tap Air Manifold
  • Manifold Hose Connector, For out of water use only
  • Winter safe airline tubing
  • 2 Spring Clamps
  • 3 Air Stones (2 in)
  • 1 Check Valve for every Air Stone
  • 32ft 8in Power Cord
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty(airline, airstones excluded]
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Laguna Aeration Kit 75 - Max Output 75 LPM

Suggest Retail: $175.00

Our Price: $165.00


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Replacement Air Valves and End Connectors


Nexus and Eazy Pod Filters

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[1] 3/8" Mini Ball Valve [metal] with [2] End Connectors

Makes One Set

for Eazy Pod


[2] 3/8" Mini Ball Valve [metal] with [4] End Connectors

Makes Two Set

for Nexus



NEW K1 Micro Media

The all NEW K1 Micro is specifically designed for use in bead filters, conventional pond filters and aquarium filters. K1 Micro has the same wheel shaped design as K1 Media, but i has an increased prtected surface area 950 m2 per m3 [compares to standard K1 media at 500 m2 per m3]



New!!! This Eazy Pod comes with the Eazy Pod Air.

Plus, you save $105 over purchasing these tems Separately!


Max Pond Size (ornamental fish): 4,400 gallons ( 5,284 US gallons)
Max Koi Pond Size: 2,200 gallons ( 2,642 US gallons)
Maximum flow rate: 2,200 gph ( 2,642 US gph)
Kaldnes K1 media: 25 litres included
Max Feed Rate: 100g per day
Recommended Air Pump: Airtech 40

Qarantine Tanks or Holding Tanks:[Pump Fed]

The Eazy Pod Filter top must be level with the top of the Show Tank

Use Cinder Bricks under neath Eazy Pod to lift it up.[See Cinder blocks below out put of Eazy Pod Filter]

Plumb from the Show Tanks bulkhead to the input of the Eazy Pond Rubber Boot. [See Eazy Pod on lower Right of picture]. There is a Knife Gate Valve before Eazy Pod i

Attaching the pump and UV Light to the Eazy Pod Filter.

2" Rubber Boot from 2" Out Put of Eazy Pod to a 2" 90 degree Elbow. Add another 2" pvc pipe to corner around the easy pod.[See picture above]. Add another 2" 90 degree elbow to lead into Sequence 1200 seq. pump. Use a 2" Union and then add to 2" input to pump.

2" Out Put of pump to a 2" 90 degree elbow. Then lead into a 2" in put to the UV 15 Watt Which is a union. Then from the output 2" from the UV light a piece of 2" pipe to lead to the edge of the Show Tank. Add a 2" 90 degree elbow to go up ward to another 2" 90 degree elbow that would be level with the edge of the show tank.

[See picture above].

Add a piece of 2" pipe long enough to go over the edge of the show tank.

Add another 2" 90 degree elbow to drop into the show tank.

Add your Air Pump to the Filter.

Then have air line hose around the edge of the pond and put aprox. 4 air stones.

When your not Back Washing the Eazy Pod Filter the air is being used in the pond with the air stones.

Make sure the air pump is the same height as the top of the Eazy Pod so that water does not flow from tank into the air pump.

Your Finished.

You Can Put a Retro Drain in the Show tank so fish will not get taken into the filter.

Also a Retro Drain will draw debre more from the bottom into the filter.

picture to go to the Retro Drain